Cloned art pad?


Is it possible to make a cloned art pad, or not? Here is a link if you do know: possibly @t1_hopscotch or @Liza may know


It should be possible to create a cloned art pad


Most likely. What do you mean? A one-bject art pad? The code'd be extremely inefficient but it's possible.


As far as I know, @Valgo has done that.


Huh? Did I say that, oops...


I've made one, Water Flame! has made one and Valgo has also made one (maybe other people have too but I don't know) It's not too hard with Self variables now. I made mine when Self variables didn't exist so it was a little harder to make


That was very helpful thank you!


As long as you have a decent knowledge of how to use clones and self variables, it's not too difficult to do. I can help if you want, too :slight_smile:


I know all about clones and a lot about variables, but not self variables. I would like your help thank you very much :grinning:


Self variables are variables that clones can use individually.


Ok thanks


You know :thinking: I think it would be cool to make a tutorial for this topic on the forum. I'll try to make one :D

In the meantime you could try to experiment and Valgo and I can help with any questions you have


Thank you, you are always so helpful.


That sounds like a good idea!


Hm? Oh, I meant a tutorial for a drawing pad with clones. She didn't make that, did she? (I think you're talking about the Self variables/clones tutorial collab but maybe she did already make a drawing pad one)


Thanks for that tutorial @Intellection74!


Congrats on your featured clone art pad @Intellection74. I feel like that was made for me lol


Oh wow!! I just now noticed.Thanks!

Haha yeah I guess it was made for you :joy: (hm sorry I probably should have mentioned you in the project. sorry about that.) I probably wouldn't have made that project if it weren't for you, so thanks XD

P.S The tutorial will be posted soon :D (hopefully today if I have time)
EDIT: ok so it seems like I won't be able to post it today (due to me watching too many new YouTube videos XD) :( but it will definitely be posted by tomorrow


Your welcome and you really don't have to mention me :wink:. I can't wait for the tutorial!


Yes. It is possible.

But you have to draw slowly to make it non-dotlike and after awhile it begins to lag. Prob because in my pad it has to detect settings, zoon, movement, etc...
Edit: @SummarianStudios