Clone not displaying (solved)



I’m trying to work on a project involving clones, but one of the clones isn’t displaying…does anyone know how to fix this? I checked the code multiple times and can’t find anything wrong.

I’ve published the project on my second account, here’s a link:

Also, here’s the pixel art I’m trying to make (sorry the image is so blurry):


(version which shows where the shapes are supposed to go)



I’m really bad with clones now. used to be alright with them. Sorry I can’t help.


Please, take pictures of your code.


The logic only allows the code to get here if the Clone Index is >=9. Change this value to 9


Ah, I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks!

@BlastFusion Yeah, sorry about that. I was going to, but the home button on my iPad’s a bit broken and it only occasionally lets me take screenshots. (I should probably get that fixed…)