Clone Bug?! X-wing



I made a 3D X-wing project from Star Wars but it won't display right to the people that play the project...
How it should be:

How it is:

So yeah...
Does it work for you?

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  • No



Now it works... Weird... 🤔


It might be because of the generation of iPad that person has, unless it's yours.


It worked for me when I played it. This is really amazing.


That looks cool, @MagmaPOP! And it wasn't working ( I think ) because you couldn't play projects in the Hopscotch Community last night 11:00 Eastern Time.


Probably just one of those one-time-glitch thingy.


The glitch can be reproduced by clicking play, then the +/restart button immediately afterwards.
@Liza @Ian @asha can you guys try to fix the glitch? Thanks!


It worked for me! And it was really amazing!!


It was perfect for me! But my ship continued twitching...


It rotates depending on the tilt of the screen... So it twitches if the iPad is on a soft surface! :wink:


Probaly because published at 11:00 eastern and different time where magmaPOP lives


It works on my iPad mini 4 :slightly_smiling: It's a reaally cool project!


Thanks! :wink: I kinda wanted to make something for the premier of Star Wars, better late than never! :sweat_smile:


Yeah...bit late for VII :wink: but not too late for me :slightly_smiling:


It looks so cool this happend to my awesome friend sir sprinkles(you should check them outa, she just unpublished and never published it again! I am on iPad Air and it does not works!


Now here is what it looks like!


That helped now it worked thanks! It's awesome!


I remixed it under my huggingfluffybear 2 account see what I added! (If you have time!)


That is really odd... It did not work for me. You could try emailing the team?


works for me (I have a iPad Air)