Clickbait shouldn't be allowed on Forums


So some people have (Not pointing fingers here) "Clickbait titles". These are meant to attract people to go into their topic. The clickbait isn't really the exact idea of the topic itself. Only when it's very exaggerated or a whole different topic that wants to check out more shouldn't be allowed. I say we stop this kind of title making and you shouldn't make titles like these.


Gilbert did it as an example if you were wondering


Yeah but he showed an example not to do clickbait.. Right?





Tbh there hasn't been much clickbait


How am I? I didn't talk about anyone in specifics


Please be more

Actually, I don't agree.
Click bait attracts more people to your topic, adding more replays and your topic will be more well known. But, after a while, change the title so people don't get too upset.


What do you mean? And why the spam of emojis?



I 100% agree with you. Clickbait is extremely annoying, and makes most topics just... gah.

However, I'd like to point out that whenever a clickbait topic is posted, it is immediately replied to with posts like "why clickbait", "don't clickbait this", and et cetera.
Our community takes care of it just fine.

I will say having clickbait topics in the first place is super annoying, but we extinguish it quite nicely.


Yeah I know, but this topic is to try to prevent the clickbait all together so time isn't wasted


I'm not, why did you get the idea.

Are you thinking I'm pointing you out? Well first of all no, I'm not against anyone. I'm just saying clickbait is a minor issue with topics and we can easily get rid of it. The people who made clickbait won't get anything bad happening to them at all! This is a innocent topic.


I love how right after I make a topic, u make this one

@Snowball agrees I think



I'm not against you, just supporting @Gilbert189


Yea... I hope that topic does not become a clickbait discussion


Which mean ur against me. Just next time please say u are pointing me out instead of saying u aren't

@Snowball how am I mean?


OMG @razor and @Ella_13


that wasn't me on @Snowball



Oh it sokay. I just thought it was a little rude