Click This if You Do Girls Who Code!


Okay, so basically today during Girls Who Code the woman in charge of it told us all to write an idea for an impact project in the community, and someone had an idea that had the word otaku in it. :D
I'm not sure if otaku is a common word, but I know a lot of people on the forum use it.
There was also a girl wearing a Hetalia shirt one day, and lots of people like Hetalia on the forum!
Does anyone do girls who code who mentioned the Otaku idea? :D
It would be so cool to know someone IRL!


Reviving! :D
Please, anybody?


That term is pretty widely used, and Hetalia is also pretty well known, but it could definitely be someone from here! I wouldn't be surprised, especially since it involved coding.


Yeah! The person who wore the shirt I think was named Kennedy, I'm not sure...
I remember someone saying that their name was Kennedy on the forum!


Found two examples of this


That might be SGS...


Really? Is she like into hetalia and stuff? :000


Really? Who?
I'm not sure if that was the girl who suggested otaku though, I just think I remembered her wearing a Hetalia shirt.


I do GWC
But that definitely wasn't me XD


Hetalia used to have the 6th largest fanbase in the world, so yeah, it's pretty popular.

I'll also add that many people criticize it, because the anime is really, really bad, so it might be that the mystery person was just saying that only weebs watch Hetalia.
Which, unfortunately, is partially true hack cough american fans are toxic cough sneeze



Are you a girl? :D


wow great job shiv you pressed reply before finishing

Is Girls Who Code a national/international thing? Or is it limited to just a state/city?


It's a national thing! :D


That may be SnowGirl_Studios!


Does she like Hetalia and is she an otaku?


I'm not sure about hetalia but her profile pic is anime


Oh no I'm a boy I just do girls who code XD jk
Yeah I'm a girl XD


I didn't know that...I've always thought you were a guy...
Gosh this is embarrassing... :grimacing:
Wait, so do you go to school with @Ella_13?
I saw that on a topic and I wasn't sure if that was true.


It's true
I go to school with her


Do you know who she is in your school...?
How'd you find out? :00