Click The Link!


This is sort of like a chain game, but it also helps projects and users get noticed.

How To Play
So, you post a link. It doesnt have to be something you made, but it can. The next person clicks your link. Then they can post a link. Or you can just come into the topic if your bored and click all the links. After you click a link, you can give some feedback if you want.

-Please try to only post ONE link per post
-When you post, you might get Constructive Criticisem, so be okay with that.
-When giving feedback, if you dont like the game, tell them what to improve, but always be nice.
-Dont post a link to a typical project like spriral draw, but also dont post a super popular project. We want good projects that dont get noticed!

One Last Note
Leaders, is this okay? If not I can recycle. @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman, @Gilbert189, @Intellection74, @Mathgirl

Ready To Play?
Lets get started!




First reply! I'll play.

How To Post A Link
Bad at math? Try entering the project, tapping the •••, then tapping Share, then tap "Copy Link".
Want to test your math skills? Try tapping the button next to the like button, answering the math question, then tapping "Copy Link".

Okay, my link.


I'm not on the OMTL so why am I tagged?


Are you sure??

If not, then who added you???


I don't think your "details" arrow is working. Make sure to add the tag list inside the details code.


Does my own project work out? Its my biggest project its not noticed too much... at least now.


I thought I added you because you weren't member and wanted to be on there…Anyway, you're probably member now, so go to "Official "Mass" Tagging Topic" to edit yourself off! :-•D


I already edited myself off. It was getting too annoying.


I'm about to do the same. Two to three days of not being on, about 21 notifications, most from that list.