Cleft Palates (RELATED!)


You might be wondering what the heck my profile picture is.

Or you might not. I can't read minds.

Or can I? >:3

So my picture is a cleft palate.

That is what newborns look like if they have cleft palates.

Even dogs could have cleft palates!

Some kids my age have gone through 40-50+ surgeries if they have major versions of a cleft palate.

So, what if we made projects to support kids with cleft palates? Some kids with these go through a lot.

I changed my profile picture for tomorrow. And I am making a project about this myself very shortly.

Good day you guys!

What category would this fit best in?

Do any of you guys have cleft palates or cleft lips?

  • Yes!!
  • No


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I remember my friend having a similar problem when he tried putting folders inside folders on his phone...

Have you tried holding down the home and power button down for seven seconds?


I was gonna suggest that!

It worked for me before!


I just tried it, and an apple came up on the screen!

It came on now, thanks Kiwicute!


It happened to me too, except I tried these things and it still wouldn't turn on for a day. Note that I had a big test the next day and my notes were on there... And you get extra points for showing them...

I'm so happy it works now! :D


Guise I am recycling this now. C:

Old topic:

Old Topic

strong textThe title explains all.

My iPad is dead.

No. It's not at zero percent, it literally went into the light!

It's not an old iPad, it won't turn on whatsoever, and it still won't turn on when we charged it. We even tested it with another device and plug to see if something else was wrong, like the wall plug wasn't working, but it worked with the other device.

My iPad is currently... gone.

I am using my phone to type this. I can't code because I am not comfortable with the edit screen yet, and I know if something was coded on a phone, it appears as a really small screen on the iPad, so.

So I can't code temporarily. ;-;


Oh oops sorry I'll delete my post that wasn't needed in the first place XD



I got it just in time!

If you ever need your post, it is here XD:

Gosh. ;-;

Have you tried calling Apple Support or going to one of their tech stores? :0

I'm saying this because I have no experience with tech stuff. XD



Of course I'll need my useless post someday so thank you c:




Oh, it's TOMORROW??

Oh my goodness. Good luck! :0

I know you can get through it with your * • . .person magic. . • *. XD

But, seriously. Good luck. And take this waving dog gif, it's too dangerous to go alone.


I want to draw a person magic drawing but I'd have to exit out of Netfix. ;-;


Nu don't exit out of Netflix you don't have to ;o;

The person magic can draw itself using person magic. XD



I'm just as shocked as Cally (the cat) was when Frio did this to her.

. .


Woah you got fast fingers frenshake!

. .


This is a really nice idea!



This is the topic!!


oh ok @Catface4 . ....make it global edit maybe so people can edit their name on a list so we can know


and delete the recycling part of your first post...we are going to start over​:wink: