Clearing up debate about a suspension


Just to be clear: Friendship's ban is from constantly violating the rules. The leaders just want to prevent any more actions violating those rules, which could cause a lot of safety issues, which would be kinda creepy.

Liza's post also explains this:

As she mentioned, it's fine to debate, but note that she has been suspended before without change in behavior kinda calls for a ban eventually.

To be clear, the reason the mods chose 8 years is because it's virtually a ban besides all of the unlisting and flagged posts, because she has quite a lot of good posts, including her Hopscotch Awards.

Also, we do like Friendship (we don't simply ban people because we don't like them), but we do have to realize that she was breaking the rules a couple of times.


I agree! We should stop thinking about friendship and move on to what we are supposed to do! (idk what but...) I know 8 years is a long time but we should just stop making topics about friendship cuz most of them could get closed and the thing that friendship got suspended for 8 years is all around the forum RN, we shouldn't try to spread it out more. I know some of you don't want friendship to get suspended, but the mods/leaders/THT said that she has been suspended for 4 times (I think?) already, and everytime they give her a chance she don't care about it, she just keep on doing it. And finally the mods/THT/(leaders? Idk) decided to suspend her for 8 years.... Sorry if it's soooooooo long, but @MobCraft told me to add more stuff, so I did... :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In Language Arts today I learned to make meaningful posts (or to like)

But do you have anything to add?


I feel like all the topics about her ban were closed.. This is another topic talking about their suspension, it will probably be closed!


Yeah.... But it's about trying to clear up the suspension thingy, so it's kinda different from the other topics


Yeah, like @minioncandy said, this is supposed to clear up the whole purpose of the 8 year suspension.


This is also kinda like an answer to "Communication outside of the forum?"


We can keep in touch with friendship on Hopsotch!:smile:


There could be problems


Wut problems?


I mean, 8 whole years is a LONG time for a suspension (when I saw the date I was like :scream:) But friendship was suspended for a reason: breaking the community guidelines. Anyway, in 8 years, she would of moved on, she would probily not even be on HS (well maybe she would but idk)

Anyway, I'm MY opinion, I think her suspension was a little bit long...

But we should really stop gossiping about her now...I just stated my opinion, and now I'm going to say no more. And I think you guys should do the same​:wink:

(Idk if what I put made any sense and it may get flagged anyway)


It isn't a suspension, it's a ban.


Couldn't she just make another account? Was it an IP ban?


She has been ip banned, yes.


Wouldn't her account be unsuspended in 2024 though?


Mm, okay.



If the forum is still around in the way it is now, she would still be ip banned.


Oh... I didn't know you could ban somebody's IP


Friendship might use a VPN to try to hide her IP
@BuildASnowman can you see internal IPs?