Clearing Things Up about the removal of GTs


Okay. I know many people are sad about GTs being deleted, but they are for a good reason.

Off Topic

The Hopscotch forums was created to be a place to report bugs, make competitions, and more. General Topics were not code-related, so that is why they are going to be deleted. Other topics like Mental Health topics will also be deleted.

Fixing The Community

The Hopscotch forums is not a chatroom, and it never was. Some people are going to leave because of this, and that is fine because like @FearlessPhoenix said, “You need sometimes need to break what needs to be fixed.”


The forums after this, will no longer have any general topics. This is sad to some people, but as I said, it is for the better of the community. Everyone should calm down about GTs, and rethink how good this is for the community.



I agree, even if it’s the hard truth

Also, similar topics have been made before, so maybe @Leaders should merge it


Agreed, and thank you.

Also, it was my original quote lol, not HRs. “Sometimes you need to break something in order to fix it”
@chickenproductions7 thanks


Search before you post. Just put this on Anas topic bc several of these have been madeareay. No need to make a whole new topic to express ur opinion


I do it think that it’s that the gt’s are being removed that it making people mad, it’s that they no longer have a sense of freedom. General topics were the source of freedom, to not always be pressured into coding here. We had our own place here, and now that territory is taken away. We, basically, can’t socialize either, because everything is now coding related. When your source of somewhat freedom is taken away, people get mad. They won’t agree with that, and that is what I believe is the reason people are leaving. I digress, I have been quite loquacious today, so maybe that’s why I felt the need to push out a point. I agree with you to some type of degree, that General Topics should be deleted. Although, they do have some good in them, along with the bad.


I agree, though Gts are just being closed and archived.


@ChickenProductions7, having just returned from vacay, I’m just stepping in for a moment to say thank you for understanding.

  1. They aren’t deleting them, only closing and archiving
  2. No, it won’t be easy, but we’ll become closer together because we all know how each other feel
  3. Yes, I’ve had one since 2016, but it can be done to focus the forum on its original intention