Cleaning up the forum—what do you think?



Hey guys!

I heard from a lot of you that the forum was kindaaaa confusing when you first joined. I totally agree.

So, we cleaned it up:

- Fewer buttons! On your home screen, you just see the top posts from the week and stuff that's happened since your last visit.

- We got rid of categories. They were all pretty similar and made it hard to get around. Instead, tag your questions. Check out the new bar under the window where you enter your question:

Want to ask something that's a "how to" but also helpful for someone learning about values? Tag it "howtos" and "values" :joy:

- Check out all the posts in a particular tag by clicking tags in the menu on the upper right corner of the screen:

- We made things easier to read by renaming "+New topic" to "+Ask a question", cause this just makes more sense! We also changed the color of the search icon to make it easier to find. It's the most important thing in the forum, after all!

What do you think? Reply with your feedback and suggestions for new tags.

Thanks for being awesome,



This is awesome! I absolutely love the new layout and all the changes you've made :heart: It helps make navigating much easier :smiley:


Make it an app that you can download on the App Store cuz its leggy for me cuz I use an ipad


@Liam_O I use the forum on my iPad and it seems to work perfectly fine! :hushed:

You could add an app link on your home screen which opens the forum (here's the link to do that) but it will still open in Safari though.


@Liam_O I think Discourse can be a bit slow sometimes :-\ Not your iPad, just the forum!


I'm on iPad 2 so it's very slow :frowning:


Which version of iPad are you using, stuff is very speedy on latest iPads, but if you go far back enough...


Hi @Liza I just figured out how to put YouTube videos on here you thing I should do a tutorial on how to do it???


I wasn't on here before the forum was cleaned but it looks very clean now!


For sure! It would be a great how-to :slightly_smiling: !


Note I deployed a new version of Discourse here that exposes the tags on the front page, its a bit ugly now, I plan to change it so it renders below the title.

It is however very useful here, recommend you restyle the tags per your comm tag styles.

Note, the change of making top front page should not be needed, we detect if users have not been around for a while and send them to top. regular visitors usually live in latest anyway.


Much better thanks for cleaning it up! :smiley:


Hey @sam! Thanks so much! I made a few tweaks to the tags. The forum is looking pretty fly :stuck_out_tongue:

We're opening up to our whole community of programmers...stay tuned!!



Yup, it was confusing for me at first since I didn't know how to work with all the buttons so i just kept exploring!


To make it an app check out my tutorial called make this an app


Wow! Awesome layout! It must have really worked well then, because we still use it now!

(If you are wondering why I'm replying a few months late: I'm checking out all the old topics. There are some oldies but goodies!)


This is interesting... Some stuff has changed. Very similar though. This topic only has like 8 likes? Weird.


Well, this topic was made before the forum was officially released to the public, so there weren't very many users. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯