Cleaning up my profile!


I've decided that I should clean up my profile! I'm going to delete a lot of my old projects that are remixes, challenges, etc. I want to make my profile look better. I have a lot of remixes! I want to code more now, with the occasional remix. Right now I'm kinda in the middle. Like, half code, half remixes and art. Now I want more code on my profile. That's pretty much all I wanted to tell you guys! So bye! Kinda? Lol I'm still on the forum.



Great! Your profile will be so much better!


cool! and I got so much badges while I was offline! :o


I'm wanting to do this, but I want Hopscotch to add a "select" feature, so I could select drafts of projects and delete them all at once.


Thanks! :D


Yeah! Because you have to unpublish, then it takes you to drafts, then you have to scroll down again repeatedly. .-.


I'm trying to do that. But the problem is, I have ALOT of remixes from older days


Like what @Gilbert189 said, it would be nice to have a select feature to delete a ton of projects at once.

But, it is Spring Cleaning, so I'll be trying to do this as well :wink:


I did the same yesterday, although I only had like 4 remixes. They were all stupid xD


Great idea! You were like me. Then I kind of slowly changed into doing more and more coding. I really need to clean up my drafts though. :grimacing::flushed:


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Same! I always try to stick to one thing before I do another ;D


Great idea! I can't wait to see some more amazing coding on your profile :slight_smile:


Sounds great! :slight_smile:

I should do this, but I'll leave them on there so people can go, "LOOK AT HOW TERRIBLE CC WAS AT CODING A FEW MONTHS AGO!" XD


Thats what I did to! Though, I still have not went trough it all​:grinning:




I did that to my profile a few months back




So inspiring ;-;

I'm gonna do dat