Cleaning up my following tab!


Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna clear out my following tab. I'll be unfollowing everyone I follow (And keeping track of who I do!), because my following tab is clogged, and I used to follow anyone who remixed my projects, when I was just starting, so I would like to unfollow. :sweat_smile:

Don't freak out if I unfollow in the next half hour, I'll do it again if I decide to.

Don't be offended if I do unfollow you! I just want to list who I follow. :D


Also, if there is someone who I should follow, tell me here! :D


Wait why nevermind @gilbert189 you should follow @Bubbles4Ever929 she's great at sin and cos


Good idea! I probably should too soon. When I was starting out, I followed everybody who gave me activity. And now I follow like everyone I meet. My following tab is just Role Plays now, and I don't like that.

Phantom Reporter has lots of good stuff, when you start following people again they would be a good one!


I already follow him! He's awesome! :D


Yep! I agree!


Yeah role plays aren't really code...


Thanks! It would be awesome to be followed by @Gilbert189... But I think I'm better at just trail art. Yeah I know about sin and cos and stuff but I use that for trail art and it's just one of my passions.


You did amazing on the Sim's I would always follow you


I broke my following tab. :laughing:

Time to refollow, I guess!


XD is it a email I don't have a following tab but I follow a ton of people...


Thanks that means a lot to me!

Off topic

And 6 minutes ago I was semi-spam liked by @SmilingSnowflakes




How is it broken? :o

How did you break it? :o

Can you fix it? :o


For once there is no :D!



That's what I was thinking!


Saw that edit XD

Da Sims Stuff

It's looking fabulous so far!!!!


I got past like 40 MagmaPOP projects in a row, then I reloaded it, and it died. :laughing:

Now that I, starting to follow active people again, it's working. :D

(I wanted to try to have a following tab of only MagmaPOP, as an experiment, because of how many projects he has.)



@KVJ awesome profile picture!

This is really random.

But I noticed you changed it. XD
So... Kewl!


If I unfollowed you accidentally, I'm sorry.

It'll be really awkward if you tell me that I unfollowed you, and I did it intentionally.

I'm unfollowing some art accounts, I'm really sorry. I just had too much spam in my following tab. :confused: