Cleaning up my account and projects!


I was kinda inspired to do this by @Gilbert189

Anyway, I'm completely cleaning up my account! I'm deleting a lot of olds projects and remixes, and I'm unfollowing just about everyone I follow, then I'm going to follow the people I really want to follow, not people who just do RP's that I followed for some reason!

I also want to start making bigger, better projects. If you have any ideas, tell me below.

Sorry if I unfollow you, I might follow you again! I'm pretty sure people
Won't care if I unfollow them, but if you do, (which you don't ) sorry!

Im cleaning too!

Good luck on that :DIts going to take a while


A locked website and I totally understand..


Good luck!


I'm cleaning out my following tab also, so don't be surprised if I unfollow you!
EDIT: Will do that tomorrow though. Have to go to bed. Bye!


Yeah. Some of the people I follow used to code, code, and code, but now a lot of them just do RPs, chat, remix, and draw. I might clean out my following tab too, now that I think about it...


I'm unfollowing everyone I follow! And follow the ones I want to follow again!