Clean up! (You may want to read!)


At least I know it's gonna happen.

Seriously, I danced so hard after a famous hopscotcher followed me, few days later, he/she unfollowed me.

The person will go unnamed


I don't care but will you unfollow me?


That happened to me too :sweat_smile:

Their loss!




That is why I need to clean them!

Before I make a project, I go and get like ten drafts that I might need to make it with when I go offline!
Then I never get rid of them!
So I end up with too much for me to handle!


Same :stuck_out_tongue:


I follow like 30 people and it's not that bad lol
I only follow someone if I really love their projects, or if they have derpy drawing
Abilities (which i love), if they are Ina. Collab with me, have similar things, or if their autofollows. XD


Good luck. When you delete drafts, they will appear again on offline mode. You'll need to delete them twice ;-;
At least that's what happened to me


Remember, I am unfollowing everybody first. This is going to take a while. Then over the weekend, I am going to follow back around 15 people.


Ok! :smile:
That is going to take you a while. :sweat_smile:


Great topic! If you could, please do re-follow me though!!!! Also please follow great Hops like LazyLizard, tankt2016, Awsome Johnson, MonkeyPatriot!


I follow people to make them feel good but my drafts need taken care of


I understand this and agree with you your a famous Hopscotcher so why would you follow people who just remix stuff and never use hopscotch for what it's for.CODING!!!NOT REMIX WHAT YOU GOT OR STUFF.Sorry I went a bit crazy I did by day of silence for LGBT today (I know it's late) Anyway all I'm saying is a agree with you.


I would like it if you could follow me again but if you don't I understand


@xXBARNSLEYFCXx: Anyway, we used to remix, and she still followed us. (And some of the remixes were us saying that she was our favorite Hopscotcher.)
@KVJ: Thanks! I would love it if she followed us again!

@SmileyAlyssa: Please follow us again! We never did RPs or Chatrooms and never will! We cut down on remixing! And we are coding wonderfully now!


I'm not saying all remixing is bad but when all that someone does is remix stuff that you don't need to remix that's what I'm saying


;-; <---- me. but thx for following me a long time ago


I will refollow once I unfollow everybody! Over the weekednd!


Guy guys guys guys guys!!!
I am unfollowing everybody first! Don't be sad, I am totally clearing it out!
Then over the weekend, I will refollow!


Just so you know friendship2468 tagged you on the drawing topic and gave you a link to a mean project. She did the same thing with us.