Clean up! (You may want to read!)


I am so sorry to say this, but I am doing a clean up.

Basically, I am going to unfollow a ton of people and delete most of my drafts.

I am sooooo sorry if I unfollow you. It is just that I now follow hundreds and hundreds of awesome coders like you, and it is time for me to cut back. Plus, I think I now have over 500 drafts, and it is really difficult for me to find everything!

Please expect a bunch of likes if I used to follow, you but soon don't.

Please feel free to ask me if you think I unfollowed you by mistake! But know I am going to unfollow everybody first, then refollow some special people!

Thank you for understanding!

(If you would like to request someone for me to follow, (including youself), that is totally fine! But please do it in this topic! :wink: )

What my following tab looks like now

What I want to see more projects of in my following tab

(The one by @RubyStars)


Please don't unfollow Reptile King! He is my friend!


Him? I just followed him! Why would I unfollow?

And how did you know...?
I followed him less than an hour ago...?


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Me too!


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Lol I want to clean out my stuff too

But my drafts are full of somewhat important stuff... XD

And everyone I follow makes very awesome projects

So I can't XD


I need to do this.



How funny! One of my projects is on there!


This is making it so much harder... ;-;

I just made thier day now I have to ruin it


It's fine if you unfollow me, it don't mind


I will forever follow you SA, I don't care if you unfollow me. :smile:


This is going to take forever :persevere:
I follow so many people.


You can unfollow me SA it's fine


LOL, it took forever for me, too. Please don't unfollow me! When someone well known follows me, they do a clean up right after. Also, don't unfollow @VanillaBlossom plz. This happened with @Gilbert189. You're one of the people that I am most prod of being followed by.


I unfollowed fifty people and got down to where it was four hours ago.

I'm satisfied for today :sunglasses:


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Does ur hand hurt form pushing too many buttons? How'd u keep track of the ppl?


Not yet... My wifi isn't working on my iPad :thinking::pensive:

I don't keep track! I'm only going to follow a few people, and those people stand out to me so I remember them!


Did you unfollow me? It's ok if you did..