Clean my Code! (Requests, Courses, and More)

@Awesome_E I think this is amazing idea I think you should revive this and continue using it
I know I would need it occasionally


Sure, just post here or use my project request page


alrighty!!! thanks!!



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Hey guys I accidentally made a class in hopscotch do you know how I can get rid of it?

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You can not delete class accounts. If you are the teacher and you have no students you are okay. I have one too!

Here is a topic for wanting to change (the ability is not out)

You can also ask this in the leaders qna, and make a topic only if you searched and you found no results

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I don’t want one though I may quit hopscotch if I can’t get rid of the class

It is ok. Nothing changes with a class account except published is now my class.
Nothing changes! You do not have to quit hopscotch.

Is the same as

Fear also has a class account

All I wanted was to help make my sister have a account but now my hopscotch life is ruined
I don’t care if it doesn’t change anything I don’t like having the published at the end and a my class

ok are there any projects there?
You can not delete accounts so you can make a new one through the Web Explorer!

It doesn’t feel right

I have four projects I think that I have not uploaded

Email – Yuanyuan might be able to help you sort this out

Ooook how???

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Can you tell me how?

Is this still open? If so can you clean up the strawberry jam (help the pen is laggy because if all of the clones and I’m stuck)

She has access to more account-related functionality. Just send an email to with your request to remove teacher account status

Not really, because the reason I originally opened this was for really weird behavior with things like empty containers and other random things causing performance to be bad.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for with this project either

Edit: your project seems fine for me (no pen lag on my end) – what device are you playing on?

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I need help because the pen is laggy but that’s ok thanks for telling me

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