Clean my Code! (Requests, Courses, and More)

Cleaning my Code Service (What you came for) Do you have a project that just seems laggy for no reason? It seems simple but it just doesn't run smoothly? Or is the project file just too big? Fear no more! This is the topic for you! (that was so cliche).

After gaining experience with Hopscotch JSON projects, I discovered an odd behavior. Many pieces of code in your project don’t really delete themselves when you think they do. Deleted an object? Nope, you just removed it from the current scene. Deleted a game rule? Nope, the code inside if loops (and maybe more) still exists.

Because of that, I would like to offer this service: cleaning your Hopscotch projects. If a project is laggy when it really shouldn’t be, submit it here. I will give you some analysis and / or clean unused abilities sitting there in the dust, as well as suggestions on speeding up certain processes.

How it works: First, you submit a project. I will download it in free time and look over the code. Then, I will get a JSON editor, and I will delete any abilities and objects that are unused, and suggest alternatives for laggy qualities of the projects (such as bumps, is touching, and certain repeat loops).

I use several techniques that are sometimes used in projects. These includes radial or square collisions, instant gradient trail backgrounds, and “super clone efficiency” (I just made that up).

Summary: Basically you submit a project, and I remix it to optimize it, deleting objects and code you thought were gone forever (but in actuality slowed down your project). I will also make certain backgrounds load instantly and other sorts of crazy things with secret blocks if you didn’t have them already.

Put under #HA because I will educate people on why the project was slower and how I optimize the code.

ePoints This is an "if" and there's more stuff a little off from the main topic but still code-related Here we go.

How this will work? Depending on popularity of this service or topic, it may be too much work, and will thus cost what I like to call ePoints. ePoints are my “currency”, if you will. I may charge for this service (but it will start free) based on size of the project, plus I might have a system where paying more ePoints means higher order priority. But all of that is only “if” the service is really popular.

How do I earn them?

  1. I run a Hopscotch Gaming Competition ₅₆₈ and offer ePoints as rewards, as well as coding challenges (those come and go).
  2. You can also earn them by tagging me on the GDT for a “quest”, which will help you either learn something new or put your skills on Hopscotch and the Forum to the test! Tag me @Awesome_E i'm bored or @Awesome_E stump me at any time for a quest.
  3. Suggest ideas for anything! I don’t usually get good ideas for games to code, nor for quests. Tag me @Awesome_E give idea with your idea anywhere. (The give idea part will remind me to give you ePoints).

How else could I spend them?

  1. Competitions I host (Gaming and code competitions)
  2. @Awesome_E display help (lol yes)
  3. Offer me an idea! Then you can earn and spend them.

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@pomtl @Good-E’s (lmk if you want to join)


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Current Status:

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Stylishpoopemoji33 “The Pixelator” 81 Complete
Azura “Obstacle Course” 65 Complete
FearlessPhoenix “Art Pad WIP” 41 Cancelled
GweTV unknown 22 Cancelled
Stylishpoopemoji33 “Clean the Room” 11 Complete
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Very cool m8! I might use this method.


I get second non creator


Nope :x:


Oof was this based off of the post where I tagged u?


Not that I remember, but that may have sparked it, who knows?


This sounds aweosme! @Awesome_E Lemme go get 1 for u…


@Awesome_E I got one project but it’s a secret so I’ll tag ya on another topic to an old post k?


Finish your thing first, have it in a playable beta, then do it. Beause, you’ll probably end up doing this several times otherwise, unless it’s urgent. (You tagged me when I was creating the topic)


@Awesome_E Insanely laggy, I think:


Ah ok lol ahaha! I’ll tag u when I finish it


Nice. This would’ve been helpful with my Canada pixel art probably lol

I have no laggy projects atm, but I will definitely come to this if I do


Is that the Halloween broom?


I might use this for some debugging. Especially for music


Do u think æ can de-lag music projects?


Yup. Why??


Oh lol!!! It just seemed familiar…


The music itself? Sure, I guess. Other code, for sure! I am pretty good with technicality of music if you would like that too


Yes. AE makes music lol