Claw33's general HS ideas topic!



these are my ideas for hopscotch to add!
()=those input value blocks
[]=normal block
[]{}-blocks such as repeat or if
(list)=what list to specify.
(item)=an item in a list.
(index)=a number of an item/clone.


[add (item) to list (list)]-it basically just inserts an item into a list.
lists should start at 0, since that’s how it usually works in programming.
[add (item) to list (list) at index (index)]-more advanced version of add to list.
(item (index) of list (list))-gets the value of the index you chose.
[remove item from (list) at location (index)]-removes the object at location you specify.
[remove last item from (list)]-removes the last item from the list.
[set (index) in list (list) to (item)]-changes the index specified.


((object) clone index(index))-a block which gets data from a certain number of a clone.
[delete last clone]-deletes last clone made,
[delete all clones]-deletes every clone.
[delete clone index(index) of (object)

control blocks

[run without screen refresh]{}-similar to the custom block option in scratch. basically makes all objects within the block to run instantaneously.


Are you talking about the forum or the app?


in the app, of course.


Ah okay. I was confused at first because of the way you wrote it. But yeah, that’s a good idea


If lists and the ability to make 100% pen projects come to hs i would totally start hopscotching again xd


I wish there were stings, so we could add text together :confused:

I wish there was “layers” or a z-axis :confused:

They need to add some stuff


haha, i’m working on a 100% trail art project right now!


those would be 2 AMAZING ideas. it would really help to add string variables.


We can do that.

It’s just slightly more complicated


I know, I know

im just used to scratch thats all xd


ALSO what I would like is basic text manipulation, like join, split etc (also strings too)


Just use another coding language


yeap. we need that too. maybe combine that with lists!


ok, more stuff!
(mean of (list)), (median of (list)), and (mode of (list))-gets the 3 Ms from a list
(amount of items in (list))-gets the amount of items in a list.


claw33 do u use scratch

if u do do u know scratchblocks like the djangobb extensionnon the forum


yes, and yes


i wonder if its possible to make a similar thing for discourse


I think lists are a good idea, lots of other programming languages have them.


What do you mean by ‘lists’
Because I don’t get it…

Though what I would like to see put in is something that enables you to see you projects code… the real text code… so you are able to change to change from block code to the block code… but in text


lists, are basically a huge “list” of items. it stores multiple things, and you can retreive and modify data from that list.
it’s a very useful feature in programming.