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2019 years since the world exploded
solved with science insert nerd music lol


At walmart, i haven’t seen any art of a “walm”

(unless you count the logo, if it is a walm)


Fun fact:the new homestuck arg results in a sbahj comic

That comic is the epilouge to homestuck


Yes. It’s about 2019 years ago since year 0. Year 0 is the year when Jesus was born. It’s probably not exact 2019 years ago since he was born but almost.

The earth was created about 14000000000 years ago.


[[iT’s called a joke]]


I thought so lol
I wrote that in case you didnt


Byebye hopscotch . Scratch moble suport is here


Wait, WHAT?!!! It is!?!?!?


What is? Scratch available for mobile? It’s kinda weird but it works.


Ya… Thanks I looked at it yesterday on the computer and it confused me but oh well I’ll check it out


Brb just gonna listen to fortnite funny moments epic fails episode 413

It’s unironically an amazing song


Remember when @petrichor was nindroid? How do you change forum username?


I do not remember that please remind me… hmmmm


You must remember @NindroidGames.

Petrichor is Nindroid

You can’t, Nindroid is petrichor’s alt




It is. Claw33 anniversarry on form


I got to see the lego movie early at my local theater. Basically, 500 theaters get to show it early


You mean a new one? The old one has been out for quite a while