Classics Challenge



I challenge everyone to do this challenge.
Friendly mass tag list


My challenge is called the Classics Challenge. This challenge includes making people recreate classic games like Pac-Man, Pong, or Mario. You are allowed to pick any game but it has to be over 15 years old. Also you must be on a team.


For the teams anyone can be a team captain but we are only having 5 teams and 5 people is the maximum on each team (not counting the captain). If you want to be a captain just fill out this form.

Are you active everyday?:
Will you be a good helpful captain?:


To be a player just ask a captain by tagging them. Players must be on the


Team Capitan: Chitea

Team Captian:RubyWolf

Extra Info

This contest starts March 20th and ends March 30th you have 10 days!


I will be on everyday


Signing off now, will be back at around 3.


Can I join? It's ok if you say no!


Sorry I pressed create topic by accident


Oh, you weren't done with it yet? :wink:


Can I join?
Username: RubyWolf
Are you active everyday?: nearly everyday but off for a few hours because of school
Will you be a good helpful captain?: of course!


I'm joining your team!


Who's team are you joining?


@RubyWolf1's, of course (sorry, collab account, it's tankt2016 here).


What? Wait I'm confuzzled


RubyWolf1 asked to be a team captain, and I want to be in her team. And it is tankt2016 here, not lying.


Ok so you both want to be in her team?


@RubyWolf1 MiracleShoutouts and tankt2016 want to join your team


Although this sounds fun, I'm already super busy and I can't do this challenge.


I just thought it would be fun for people


No, just me on my own account, unless RubyWolf1 wants like 10 people on her team.
Except I may have to drop out.


I know that they are its fine, they can join :D


Ok that's great. Let's see how many people join


@RubyWolf1's Team so far



@Sparkczy can I he on your team,??,,,,,,?????