Clash Royale in Hopscotch! Collab with -UptownStudios- and A Happy Coder ᴁ


Hey guys! I was thinking of doing a collab with aomeone on a mobile game I really enjoy playing. Most of you probably play it too. Only 1 person will be accepted! I will make a collab account. If you want to help just give me your HS email (so I can give you the pass) and HS Username. If you are accepted, I will obviously tell you what game it is. Hopefully you guys want to join. Thanks!


My HS email is and hopscotch account is Vanillapowder with the trade mark sybol




Awesome! I need to wait til other people reply to accept someone though :wink:


@Rawrbear @CreationsOfaNoob @AHappyCoder @Gilbert189 I would love for any of you guys to help!


What is the game?


@AHappyCoder I can email you if you want.



@AHappyCoder I sent it!


@AHappyCoder I saw your email. Sorry I didn't respond. So you want to just remix?


Stradyvarios has dropped out of the collab, so we could continue using our draft and get a head start. That is if you pick me!


Wut? Also can we make our own version? And yes I picked you!


You can use this!
Go into the code and set the size of the red ball to 0


Can we make an original one? I wanted to try making AI!


Um, okay...I was hoping to finish the one I already have though...


So are we doing the other draft or a new one?


@AHappyCoder Is this cool?


Yep! Great :D What next?


Do you want the honest answer? Also do you want me to publish that and we can go from there?


Honest answer! Have you added more stuff?