Circular border?



Ok. I have a game where you are a candy in a bowl and you need to void hands trying to grab you. Now, I need a circular border to keep clones inside the space, which teleport once, and a code to keep a moving object to cross the border.
This the circle in this picture is what I want everything to stay inside.

And this is my code for the clones so far:

How can I make in circular and not square? Also, how do you keep a moveable object inside borders that are curved like a circle?


Ok try this:

Drop in an O

Add a new rule and grow it by 1800%

Set the invisibility to 99%

And there you go! It will just fade in with the colors, so don't worry about that. It should work! Or you can turn it red, idk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can you please give me the code to make sure the clones are inside the circle and the code to keep the candy from moving out of the circle? Also, I don't think this will work because being inside the O counts as being on top/touching the O in hopscotch. Thanks, anyway.


You can make it so when your candy bumps the o, set position to the clone spawning position, right? 🤔


@Hoppertoscotch, you can do this:
when: play button is tapped
{repeat forever
check if (bumped) = 1);
set position (random(300-500) (random(250-400)
New rule:
{when candy bumps O
set value (bumped) to 1


No, that wouldn't work as I said before. Let me demonstrate:
Ok. I was going to demonstrate, but I found a bug which I will report after this. But, when a character is inside the O, hopscotch sees the two characters on top of each other.


Well, because O is technically taking up the space inside it, hopscotch will see it as like anything, like Star Girl o n t o p of a giant Chillanna. (Sorry, the forum was turning it to black boxes) thank you for trying to help, but I do not believe this will work. Thanks, anyways.


I took a few pictures


Actually, I've tested this before, and it's NOT TRUE!! :grinning: Basically, it only counts when you bump the letter part of it. Test it out!


No lie, this will work, and I have done it before;
{repeat forever
check if (bumped) = 1);
set position (random(300-500) (random(250-400)
New rule:
{when candy bumps O
set value (bumped) to 1


Wow! I did not know that!!


Did you do mine @Hoppertoscotch? Or @Rawrbear's one?


The code that I typed for you? Tynker with the set position random's.


Can you trie mine @Hoppertoscotch?


Nevermind about that question. I will use @SUPERSWAGGY's way for the clones and use the O way with you and @Rawrbear.


This Is off topic but you have a record button in the top left of your project!wheredid you get it?


I think it is the beta @AHappyCoder.


I have beta and it does not have it


Make sure you have the newest one @AHappyCoder! Check your emails and go to the latest email for the beta and click the link and download it.


@AHappyCoder, did it work?


I can find any new hopscotch emails and @Rawrbear on the normal hopscotch has it!