Circling photos


@t1_hopscotch what did you use for circling photos?


Hi @Codingiscool I used an app called Skitch for circling my photos. Here's a post about annotating your posts.

And just a tip, before you post a new question try searching it just to check if anyone else has had the same question as you before. That way you can see if it's been answered already :smiley:


Thanks, I didn't know what it was called to search it.


That's okay! It is a bit hard to put it into general words I agree, since you can call it so many things like "annotating photos," "drawings on photos," "text on photos," "circling photos" :frowning:

I'll rename this "circling photos" so it helps to make it easier for someone else to find it if they search "circling photos" :smiley:


Thank you! :slightly_smiling: By the way when I don't have 20 characters why does it say have you tried the heart button?


That's strange :hushed: Usually when you don't have 20 characters it just says something like "your post is too short".

Maybe it's suggesting to you that if your post is short and all it says is "I agree", it's saying it would be better to heart a post then just say "I agree"?

It might be saying that the post is too short and it would better to just heart a post rather than post a short reply which might take up space.


It said have you tried the heart button when my post was under 20 characters also.


@NDSDNS @Codingiscool maybe it has to do with what I said above and the part I highlighted down here:


@Codingiscool @t1_hopscotch I use a different app called Avairy.