Circle graphical bug



There's a weird graphical bug with circles:


I had this too
@Alish @Liza @Ian @t1_hopscotch


there was another bug and they traded it for this bug(I email them) it's nothing to worry about!


Okay...well I may contact them, but it's not too serious.


I emailed already @MobCraft


I had it with squares. No big deal though, I just ignored it.


what's the bug? I don't see it


It's fixed, I think.


Sometimes on my drawing pad it is meant to show what colour it is but when it is supposed to show light grey it turnips into pure black...


it turnips? lemme guess, auto-correct?


Same here! When I put light gray in a drawing pad, it turns to pure black, but it draws as gray!


Woah. I have neon blue in mine, but it looks gray! @Ian, @Asha, @Alish, @Alish please fix!


I saw that in the beta... They said that it would probably not be fixed, since it's minor.


It's minor, but it's kind of annoying, because people think it's pure black, but then they find that it's light gray, so they have to erase/redraw it. :confused:


@MobCraft Whoa! That's totally a bug. Thanks for letting us know! We'll get it fixed in a future update :smile: