Chuck E. Cheese [Coded Pizza]

Chuck E. Cheese Is a Pizza Restaurant and we have a menu and more coming soon

Chuck E. Cheese Is better then Freddy Fazbears Pizza and we will make the best pizza

Job Application Forum
  1. How long do you play Hopscotch
  2. Are you willing to spend your time on this
  3. Are you good at making Coded pizza

You Cannot work here if:
You worked at Freddy Fazbears or if you will

Yours Sincerely
Jye owner of Chuck E. Cheese


You cannot have 1st spot

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What is the menu?

Ooh, I’m gluten free

Chuck E. Cheese Online Store

We have some Commands to see your points
@Jye Show Tokens
@Jye Show Menu


Pizza 5 Tokens
More Coming soon

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I’m confused. This is very similar to another topic:

Is this a copy?
Just wondering.

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is freddy fazbear’s pizzaria’s nemesis

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I also think these are both copied from the chip store thing lol

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which was inspired by FearlessPhoenix remodeling co. ©


I like how when I clicked on it, the first thing that came up was

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I’ll take a gluten free pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, olives, and green peppers

Actually, I was


by the chip store thing

That pizza btw is a remix of lunar’s order. You cant just take my work and pass it off as yours and then make a coded requests topic using my orders as your orders, oof, who am I kidding, I barely care.

But I would like if you didn’t remix those orders thanks


@Jye, I’m closing this due to a very similar topic that was created before yours. You two could always work together on one topic


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