Christmas Requests Poll


I think at least a couple of you guys know that I take requests on my account, but since it's the holidays, I thought of doing something special! Instead of just going by your ordinary requests, I'll add Christmas related things like penguins, scarves, and snow in the background of your request! Here's the poll

  • It won't affect me in anyway so I don't really care :neutral_face:



Do it! Nice kitten btw!


Thanks! I'm adding some Christmas cheer to it, it was actually a project that was 6 months old! It only had 15 likes :laughing:


Hey, can ya do me with some holiday flair? Tell me if you need details of what I look like


Of course :wink:
Do you mind remixing it on my OrangePad? It's just for my convenience :yum:


Guys, that's like the most favorable bug for somebody ever :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Penguins aren't Christmas-related... But Christmas hats are!


Request DONE
Merry Christmas Poptart!


Merry Christmas OrangeScent! Early, cause I won't be on during Christmas most likely