Christmas Elf on the Shelf Project?



Hey guys, I'm thinking I can maybe make a elf pets project for Christmas.. I don't know if I should I'll have to
Look at my st. Benard elf pets so I can code it..

  • Should I make the project?
  • Should I not?



Go for it! Even if it doesn't work, you can always learn new things from coding!


What's Elf on the shelf


It's a elf from Santa Claus.


Look it up.


Elf on the Shelf freaks me out.
So I voted no.
Other than that,


It's a magic elf that Santa sends to kids or U can buy it like me


What's it meant to be for
Is it for decoration or something


I'll show u:

This is what it looks like u can get it in other skin colors


St Bernard's are really cool!:slight_smile: