Christmas Drawing Competition! Please join!

I am back for a special occasion!

I am hosting a drawing competition for Christmas. Artists, come join for this special competition!

Draw anything!
You will be scored on your drawing 1-10
You can sign up to be a competitor
If you wish to be a judge, give me three reasons why you should be one
Have fun
There is only 3 judges


Lollypopcorn- 26


JUDGE pls @TheBloomingGarden

Give me three reasons why u should be a judge
Like it says in description of topic.

I'm a kid... Kids have good judgement that some adults don't have

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Umm... I can't draw amazingly well, or that bad, so I won't rate people too low or too high

And 3 because...uh.... I'm a proud independent American

I think that's offensive to some people

IDK what the 3rd would be though...uh

:grinning::bulb: I got it. Because I'm smart!

My IQ is 80 and I'm in 7th grade

That's pretty high by the way

I want to be one too!

  1. I will be unbiased (and won't say a drawing stinks just cause i hate the person who drew it)
  2. I am a good drawer
  3. I have a lot of free time?!
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Oh free time... Why didn't I think of that?

Im so Smurt derp of satisfaction

Mine is 141

Mine is somewhere over 100 but I don't know exactly...

Ok lets see

The highest is 167

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I would like be a judge

  1. I'm logical (I won't just chose a random drawing or based on how well the drawing, I mean that'll be a factor but I'll judge it based on how related it is to the topic, creativity, etc.)

  2. I'm active often

  3. I'm empathetic

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I do t know what mine is XD
I never had the test
Do u know any good websites for it?

85-114 is the average IQ

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