Christmas contest?



Now that we had a Halloween contest I'm wondering if we're also going to get a christmas contest? Because that would be awsome!! @Liza @Ian can you guys please tell me if we're going to have a christmas contest?


Maybe it should be winter instead because everyone celebrates winter!


People also celebrate new year so that can be the subject too.
I think I would like a contest that has to deal with all of the stuff around christmas, winter and new year. So everybody (whatever religion you have) can join. Then everybody can make something he or she likes.


a Christmas contest would be a awesome idea! and christmas characters would be good too.


And both would be incredible :+1:🏻:+1:🏻:+1:🏻


one problem: some people don't celebrate Christmas.


Yes, but they do celebrate new year right? Or look at @Fifithefunnyflower tekst, A winter contest would be fun too. Something for everybody :snowflake::christmas_tree::fireworks:!


In australia they get hot summers so it would be based around warm and cold winters, new year, christmas, 12 days of christmas ect