Christmas Collaboration :3

Hey Everybody,

Christmas time is nearly here.
(You must have realised :3)

I've decided to make a Christmas Collaboration :D
We'll be making Christmas Projects.

I'll be accepting 10 people that apply.

Below are the requirements to get in:

Trail Artists:

  • Must have recived 1 featured.

  • Been on Hopscotch for some time.

  • Have an example of your best Project.


  • Must have received at least 1 featured.

  • Been on the Top of Trending Multiple times.

  • Have recived 100 or more likes on a Codes project.

I'm really looking forwards for all the fun we're going to have :D

I can't wait to see all the replies.

P.S: The deadline is December 10 (Late entries will not be tolerated :3)
(Ok, forget the seriousness)


I want to join, but I'm not sure about the requirements...

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I have the, sure? Maybe? What is the collaboration about?
(reads post)

Oh, Christmas collab.
Umm, maybe. If I do, I will rarely be on. I have a lot of school stuff due.

I have had 5 trending projects but have never been featured :smiley:

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Have you met the requirements, that is my question
I'm not trying to be rude but…

I will do a collab with less requirements… if any of you wish

Well, I suggest you start your own Colloboration. I don't want any negative comments.

Do you have to get one featured?
I would love to do a collab/

B..b..ut I have not ever had a feature but I've been noticed by someone who had a feature if I can join I wanna be a trail artist

I've met the requirements for this, and I want to be a Trail Artist. (Link to best project here)

But...there are some great coders out there who don't have a Featured, so they can't join...

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I'm changing the requirements. You won't need any featured. You can have multiple Trendings :D