Christmas Card Help?



I know this might sound silly, but does anyone need help on their music (Christmas card competition) I can code music pretty fast (3 minute song in 2 hours maximum) but I'm not online that much. If anyone wants a request, I can do these songs.

-Silent Night
-Jingle Bells
-Sugar Plum Fairy
-We wish u a merry Christmas
-Up on the house top

I am only taking about 2 requests, so tell me quick.


I can take requests as well but it might take at most a day (an hour on weekends) I have school... Anyway, good luck! :slightly_smiling:


Are you still taking request?
quote me if you think im




I don't think you're (insert word you said here), but I like to read secret messages. XD

Gud ol memories... ;n;


Also how are so many posts on December 15th? Where are the posts on December 16th? XD


ehh... I could have worded it better. But it dosent matter, does it?


No because I don't use hopscotch anymore lol