Choosing of the Art Apps (real money)!



We are planning on getting an app to draw on, and I have many to love. Please choose one and if possible, explain in the comments why. Make sure to do your research! The poll with the most amount of votes wins. Please be considerate! Remember- this is REAL money we are talking about. Can't wait to see the results!!!

  • ProCreate
  • Paintstorm Studios



So sorry
How do I make a poll?


never mind...


ProCreate's cheaper, easier to understand, and (I think) has the same features so...

And this isn't really related to Hopscotch...


I don't know pretty much anything about art or apps, so I didn't vote. But...

Awesome! Where? (You don't have to tell me that) How was it? I love ziplining! :smile:


can't you get both? It only costs $25! (australian)


Me too! The first time I went zip lining was two years ago at my best friend's house! And we're under 12, so you can consider that young…. Anyway, I love it! I actually went on like 10-20 times the first time. And then my hands got sore. Obviously. And anyway, I don't know much about art apps (I don't have any) so I picked ProCreate. It sounds like the better one to me.


Sorry, but I know EVERYBODY who loves art loves to use art pads, and I need help from the experienced. And also, if Hopscotch isn't about sharing art as well, I wouldn't be here. I am sorry, again, if this disrupts the community, though I bet it does not. And P.S. to anybody who wants to RP with me, I will be releasing a form in about 2-3 days. Thanks!


I'd say Paintstorm is definitely better. It looks more professional!