Choose your own adventure!


Hi everyone!
I need suggestions on what kind of choose your own adventure I should make.
Should it be:
Action style
Desert theme
Zombie themed
Under water themed
Mystery themed

  1. Adventure
  2. Underwater
  3. Mystery
  4. Zombie
  5. Desert
  6. Space
  7. Other (specify in comment section)


  • James Bond
  • desert
  • under water
  • zombie




And PLEASE don't say that I'm copying @GiraffeProductions, because I have had this idea for a long time.


I'd like a scary story where you search for your friend who's gone missing at night at a circus or carnival.
And there's clues in different tents and in conversations you hear from ppl who work there.
Like all workers know but are scared or have accidents when they tell you anything



Why is "adventure" an option if it's already adventure?


Imagine a story where a person reads a choose your own adventure story someone is writing each day and they experience in real life the consequences of the choices they made in the online story.
Like the writer is spying on the person reading their story and making them suffer what the stories main character experiences.
Example, in the story they read they choose to drive their parents car without their permission and it crashes.
The next night the parents car is missing and found crashed.


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I dont care if your copying or not anyone can make a game that changes depending on your choices if they want.