Choose your own adventure question. (I need help)


Hi guys, soon I'm going to make a zombie choose your own adventure. I need help from @kenlauescuadro or others to explain how to make the coding easy and simple. Once I've got the code down I will be set!

How do you get two choice menus functional, in other words, how do you get only two blocks to be programmed for lots of outcomes?


oh... I can help to try and explain...


Better than nothing!



i'll try!

The way I would do it is to use variables, let's say that you had the menu screen and it was path 1 and there were 2 options, 1 and 2. 1 leads to path 2 and 2 leads to path 3. The code will simply be something like when option 1 is tapped check once if path = 1 then change path to 2 and if option 2 is tapped check once if option = 1 then change path to 3

(i'll continue)


Good so far!


so on path 2 there are option i and 2, 1 goes to path 4 and 2 goes to path 5, then you would do when option 1 is tapped if path = 2 then set path to 4 and if option 2 is tapped then check once if path = 3 then set path to 5

(i'll continue)


It gets ultra messy, and this is my modification of @kenlauescuadro's code

Good luck!

I can help more if you want me to!


do you get it? It's actually quite simple!



Jk, yes I think I get it, I'll @ you if I get stuck or get anymore questions! :grinning:

Thanks for helping me!


Your welcome!


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