Choose my drafts! 😃😃😃😃



HAI Fishyguitars here, and undecidedness levels are through the roof now! So... I want the community to see what I should work on! I picked the top 8 drafts to vote from, so keep reading to see what to do!

What To Choose From

You can choose from:
A: a drawing pad that has a square place to draw
B: a project that summarizes pizza creation
C: a place to scroll thru a world of notes to type on
D: the draft from the sneak peek topic 2 months ago
E: run around collecting falling treats!
F: the song "Keep On Cleaning" from Inanimate Insanity (a YT show)
G: a simulation of tree growing IN SPACE
H: FGIQ, a quiz on how much you know me!

How To Vote

Instead of any old poll, you'll vote in a special way!
Using the letter that is before it's description, order them from best to worst in a left to right way. (Like ABCDEFGH) Then surround it in square brackets, [these things, like [ABCDEFGH] ] You can put other stuff in your reply, but it HAS to be like this.

Voting ends Feburary 15th 10th, so vote quickly!!!


Wat, how is that not descriptive?


Hm... Not very much...

tags from another topic where they requested to be or not to be on the list





All of them sound great!