Chocolate slide! Topic!



My new game is out!

It may seem simple, but I've actually been working on it for months.

The idea is basic. Choco, the piece of chocolate who is the main character, must dodge certain items, and collect others.

Here's the link:


Question: Is this feature worthy?


It's a cool game, but honestly it's not feature-worthy. It's just kind of... Bland? The concept of the game is simple and fun but it is also really really really hard. I don't even know how to win, also like I said it was pretty bland with no background and barely any color. So I would make it easier, add more color, and yeah.

Also it's really hard to swipe Choco and it's fairly laggy


Ok, thanks for the feedback! the clones make it laggy, but I'm going to try to fix it.


Ok! No problem. Also yeah clones are hard to delag.


Maybe this is just my OCD, but I feel like things should be centered a little more.

BTW, Here are the exact coordinates for the center: 512, 384.


Thanks! I will try to center some stuff!


I really like it, but I 100% agree with @Bubbles4Ever929, it lags, and a really simple background would just make it more enjoyable. If this was on the App Store, I would prob give it 3 out of 5 stars, mainly because it is really hard to get any points. I swiped left and choco moved left, but then he wouldn't go right until he reached the end on the screen.

On the plus side, I really love these type of games, and how there are so many versions of them. Your version is original and fun, and that's always what I look for in a feature. Maybe adding some more detail will get you there...:wink:

Well, that took awhile


It's kinda hard to swipe choco.


Yeah it's really hard but great idea and product


Cool :)