Childhood cancer awareness


Yeah I’ve heard of Parker

And I do the same thing… I follow childhood cancer accounts on instagram


Thank u sm

@FATTCAT thank u as well


I’m so sorry about yours as well, I hope it’ll turn out ok for you and your family. :)


me too
i follow a couple


Np. I have some time now, may as well. This is important, for me too.


One of my friends was diagnosed a few years ago so cancer aside from it being interesting is very close to my heart as of many of you


Same to you


I’m rly sorry about that


Sorry its not good, just rushed but oh well


i assume pulmonary fibrosis is similar to cystic fibrosis? sorry

praying for you •_•


Thank u

But pulmonary is in the lungs And when u get it, u usually have 2-3 yrs to live


ahhhjh ok i get it totallyknewthat


He hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer. He said he could be, anybody could be.


I’m am so so so sorry to hear that. ;-; ;-;
I will definitely spread awareness


Here’s my project.