Childhood cancer awareness


Most of us are kids, right? Well there’s a lot we can’t change in this world. but there is some stuff we can do.

Do u guys know what childhood cancer is?

So many kids in the USA and beyond suffer from it and it’s not fair. For 2015, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) budget was $4.93 billion. It is anticipated that childhood cancer received 4% of that sum or $198 million. And there are a lot of types of childhood cancer so if you split the money between all the different types, each individual cancer isn’t getting enough money. Many families are drowning under hospital bills. We need to help.We need to make it so parents will never have to bury their child. So siblings don’t have to say goodbye forever.

one cancer that is relatively unknown and I want to bring attention to is called dipg. Actually, Neil admstromg’s daughter had dipg yet there is still very little awareness. I know about it because a kid in a neighboring town was diagnosed with it and sadly passed away a few months ago at the age of 5

What is dipg

There is still no effective treatment and no chance of survival. Only 10% of children with DIPG survive for 2 years following their diagnosis, and less than 1% survive for 5 years. The median survival time is 9 months from diagnosis.
What is DIPG? Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a brain tumor found in a part of the brain stem called the pons. The pons controls essential bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, eye movement, eyesight, and balance. As a DIPG tumor begins to grow, it puts pressure on the nerves that control the essential bodily functions regulated by the pons. Children with DIPG commonly experience double vision, reduced eye movement, facial weakness or asymmetry, and arm and leg weakness. They also have problems with walking, coordination, speech, chewing, and swallowing. As the tumor progresses, it also interferes with breathing and heartbeat, which ultimately results in the child’s ■■■■■. There are certain treatments that can help to lengthen a child’s life but they often come with extreme side effects

I’m aware that there are a bazillion other types of childhood cancers but today I’m raising awareness specifically for dipg and childhood cancer in general


Why did I suddenly decide to do this? Well I could be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow. You could be diagnosed with cancer tmrw. We never know so we should make a difference while we can. Do you want to help me? All I’m asking is for you to make a gold ribbon on hopscotch. Spread the word around hopscotch. Awareness helps. If you would like to help even more, feel free to donate to some of the gofundmes attached (but no I am not forcing you to)

I was thinking that maybe we could feature and rasise awareness for a different type of childhood cancer each week.


That’s sooooo sad !!!
Praying for you!!!


This is something I made in September


I’ll make one too!
I believe childhood cancer is one of the worst things that could ever happen to any child
I don’t wish it on my worst enemy


If i get time i will definitely make a project for this


I’m so happy you advocate for childhood cancer awareness!
many people don’t know this but i spend a lot of time researching cancers like dipg, osteosarcoma, neuroblasroma, etc. in my free time because I find them interesting

oh how horrible dipg is with a practically zero percent survival rate, it’s terrible. Have you heard the name Parker Monhollon? She fought dipg and sadly she passed away this year. i read a lot of children’s stories and try to get an understanding of what they go through and I donate money to go fund me pages, I hope some of you guys can do that too


I’m really glad that this topic was made, I am a huge cancer awareness person. My dad had it when he was young, and now I’ll be losing my grandpa to leukemia. This is a very important topic, and I’m glad that it’s being brought up on the forum and hopscotch.


I like meeting fellow cancer awareness people


It’s just so sad that some kids don’t even get the chance to grow up.


some kids can even be born with cancer
it’s just sad and there’s is practically no government funding. 4 percent in the U.S. 1 percent in the U.K.


It’s something that deserves at least a little more government attention than it does.


they have a gigantic budget, and I think they should spend it more on kids for have up to 100 years to live, vs elders who may not have much time left


Aw, Dudey…




honesty children and adults aside nobody should die from cancer


I completely agree. I don’t know what else to say, except that I fully support cancer awareness. It deserves so much more attention than it gets.


I could honestly go on a 24 hour rant about childhood cancer with all these statistics, and stories, survival rates, prognosis, etc


I love how much you (and you, Dudey and smishy) care about helping these kids with cancer!

I assume that you’ve heard of lauren hill. she was a college basketball player who was diagnosed with dipg at around age 18. she’s dead now, but i love her story. you can read more about her on Wikipedia and other sources :)

anyway, I support these kids with cancer strongly!


Yeah I’ve heard of her:(

Her story was rly sad but it helped to raise more awareness which isn’t a positive I guess


Thank u

And I’m rly sorry about ur grandpa

I’m about to loose my grandpa to pulmonary fibrosis (it’s not cancer but it also has little funding)

He’s on hospice care atm