Chikin! (Sorry)


This was flagged for being mean, I did not intend to be mean


I nominate @snoopy! 2020


Also, @OrangeScent1 are you done yet? Sorry for pushing


Almost! And it's ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Please stop with the voting for ppl it make others feel bad and the Same ppl get nominated lp os, lp os, lp os, it sometimes bothers me that everyone vote for them Please stop with voting for the "best at something" I was fine with it the first time but now meh be laik



I agree. I feel bad for people who don't get nominated, but deserve it.
Also, people brag a lot.


Stop voting. Seriously it's not fun, and your excluding.


It is. My feeling were hurt in the Top Hopscotchers, so I said wanted to be excluded from the poll. It still didn't make me feel better, and I'm pretty sure people who didn't win were hurt. No bragging, and I know what I'm about to say sounds like something Funky 63 would say but:

Stop bragging, you have better things to do. Code and get better every day, and don't waste your time bragging.


I said I wanted people to nominate. I didn't think people would brag or be hurt cause I wasn't.


So I guess people are to immature to not brag. That's disappointing.


I thought this would make people feel good, not make others feel bad. I didn't care when I wasn't nominated.


Can someone close this? Now? And yeah, these stupid polls.... 1 was fine, now they are getting annoying



(Summons @BuildASnowman)


I Agree very much , what about the small writers of the bunch?


So... Let's get this straight. I just thought bragging was mean. When you include a batch of hopscotchers, some will always get excluded. Excluded hopscotchers will feel bad, and the excluded hopscotcher number will always be greater than the included hopscotchers. Now, the excluded hopscotchers might not feel bad at first, but once the included ones start bragging, that's when they feel bad. I didn't say this was mean, I said bragging was mean. And do you mean that if you are immature, you don't brag? That means if you are mature, you brag. And that doesn't make any sense, no offense...


I was really hurt at some of the polls, I won't lie.


Can we calm down?

And please don't reply anymore, I made a mistake, ok?

No need to start a fight


Yeah, I didn't mean to type it that way. I meant that people should be mature enough to not brag about winning.


Let's close this, please!


Okay, I was just making a point.
@MagmaPOP taught me that if you want to win an argument, you have to be straightforward. No sugarcoating things. You should try it! :smile: