ChickenProduction’s General topic! 🐔 (meme friendly (coolio- GweTV)) #chickenproductions7 Topic of Generalness as any GT




I am going to make another one if this one fills up. (But it probably never will
@discobot thanks


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Don’t you already have one of these?


Someone was feeling mean and reported it. I do not know at all why.


And Staff still removed it :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sleepy::sleepy::cry::cry::sob::sob::thinking::thinking:


Was there anything offensive you were saying in it?


No. I just said stuff like “this is my general topic” and tagged OMTL


You can’t tag omtl for general topics


You can’t tag omtl in general topics. That’s prob why.


You can’t tag @omtl on general topics.


Your title doesn’t have to say “(Pls don’t flag)”. I also got you a sweet new tag for your topics! :smiley:


Hello! Like other people already said, it might be because that you tagged the OMTL in the top post or another reason. Do you remember which leader it was?

If you are wondering about the guidelines for the OMTL, they can be found here.


Hello there

I am Ben Kenobi

jk I am GweTV


Why not???


Because it’ll be considered spam ig


Take a read at the @omtl guidelines.




Rip this one, going to bed. see y’all.






@ChickenProductions7 I’m saying that you don’t have to ask people not to report or flag it. It looks nicer without those, doesn’t it?