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Why are people in the Hamilton fandom so obsessed with the following
-high school aus
-those chatroom fanfics u know the ones


oh yeah the chatroom fanfics where they’re all hip and gen z


haha look historical figures are using teenage slang


We should abolish high school aus bc no one in high school is capable of the rational thought shown in media and fanfictions they’re all babies


Yeah but they use teenage slang and also try to be all sly and use lyrics from the musical in the dialogue which doesnt work bc they’re not things people would naturally say


oh. oh man
fanfiction is weird,


Hey i finished this

Its kinda choppy ik sorry about that


What “16 year old high school student” would introduce themselves like “I’m John Laurens in the place to be” what place to be this is set in fanfictional high school you’re in the cafeteria who talks like that


Oh cool
Sneaky murder wlw >:3c


A shame the fandom is like That bc some of the songs honestly slap, talented cast, cool music, bad fanbase


agafya is bi and has a small crush on annona and after sorting out everything they live together in the future helping out


yeah that alexander song that woman sings kinda slaps and every theatre person is talented but

enough of the a/b/o uwu soft boy hamilton fics


Character: (is described as self centered)

Me: but what if…they loved everyone…


They… love their friends… yeah…


What if self centered characters…love everyone?

They have a degree in self love thats all…


look what i found on my camera roll :)))))))




I have to own this peice of paper in real life


:)))) you have to live with that forever


Shak kinf and ccyring