Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



I love the chicken squad so much they’re
All unique


Oh god no :((((


Thank you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: I didnt have a lot to work with bc 11 year old avery was very boring with characterization


Shoutout to the Sony sketch kiddo who made this


well you did a brilliant job! i love that the chick was a literal baby

She’s baby call 911


I only posted like three Hamilton fics to my account but ilc and I had about… 6 we were writing together in Google docs and every single one is a slap in the face


They were all so impressed with her cognitive ability and robot suit that they let her join the team even though shes like ten months old


Have you thought about reviving it and making an anti hamilton fic


Sure let a baby join


Hamilton fanfiction were all the characters die and no one feels bad about it


Hamilton fanfic where they all die and its now a minecraft girl fanfic


I went back to Hamilton ao3 the other day and it looks exactly the same why are there still people like this


Minecraft girls methodically assassinate Alexander Hamilton

Since you like other peoples oc heres a small backstory for annona

Since the story of fe awakening is a set story the plot is kinda kids go back in time to stop the end of the world. However what they do before that is vauge

After vaike died in combat annona had no choice but to find work and she found work with a…morally grey bar place a mercenary group

She’s hired as a bartender/maid (maid clothes but serves drinks) and makes friends with the dancer called agafya under the nickname anthea, a dancer who is severely underpaid even if shes offering a ‘premium’ due to her dad being enemies with them and is still hired due to being ‘exotic’ (her father is gregor and he has a russian accent so she picked it up from him)

Agafya has a plan and tells annona to do 3 things first and foremost: act flirty and innocent, carry a small dagger that can fit in a garter and whenever someone tries to advance her in private threaten them. She emphasises the last point because agafya’s outfit slowly got more revealing until she had to hide her dagger in her boot

Eventually they kill everyone and escape to the past with everyone


Creeper girl blows up while they’re in the middle of a song


“I am not throwing away my sh-” skeleton girl strikes the revolutionary set between the ribs with her enchanted arrows


Oh no (hamilton guy) look out skeleton girls behind you. Oh no he has airpods in he cant hear me


I’m going to be classy and pretend i dont know any of the hamil ton characters names


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i’m glad that 2016 me was too dumb to understand any musicals