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Its more of a slice of life thing and i dont have a concise plot tbh.

Theres this like demon girl who looked young but was 18 and im changing her from a dejected princess into that but now she spends her time assassinating p*dos


An Icon :relieved::clap::clap:


Harvey (bad luck dude) has a husband his name is aiden and hes a fire witch.

idk i think i might make them both immortal? Harvs is immortal but not aiden.


i wanna talk about that first character i talked about but his name is weird but i cant find another name for him but…his name…is swazia and he hates that name as much as i do


The demon, right?


Yeah him technically hes a demon but its. A made up human looking demon species that just minds its own business but can still possess you…sometimes


his sister is named pala and while thats better i havent decided what to do with her but i do know i want to give her a gf because she is Pan.


Omg nooooo what’s wrong with me I just deleted the lineart layer and then closed the drawing so I cant undo it no no no


oh no!


I do know that her gf is going to either be a siren/sea creature or part fox or something like that but idk what. Hm…


HEy @mc girl gang I made a base for something bc I want to draw some dresses I saw on the Internet :tm: but I also want to make it mc girl related so… what Minecraft gals would wear these three dresses pls respond

  1. That stick one who picks up dirt blocks, I think it’s Enderman? Or a spider?
  2. Also that stick one who picks up dirt blocks?
  3. Pig?


Ooo yeah endergirl would be good 4 the first one


I’m gonna make the second one cave spider, the third one will just be spider but I’m changing the colors

  1. spider
  2. squid!
  3. persian cat


Hi @chickengirl ! I like your HS projects XD


Shucker for the first?
I’m thinking like a pink sheep for the last


Thanks! :heartpulse::heartpulse:
Also welcome to the forum :))


The only emails i get are from colleges in different states and ao3 notifications that someone left kudos on Hamilton fanfic I wrote when I was 13 and that’s why I dont check my email


wheres your ao3 account i wanna see the fanfic