Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



It didnt… have to be a competition…


I thought we agreed to not discuss this…


i wish i was a rowdy teenage schoolkid with a keyboard…pressing the dj button and going wild






You mad bro?


I have some oldish ocs however i think i need to rethink them because they’re all over the place some of them have names that make no sense at all


I agreed not to argue with you. I’m not going to. You post your opinion on your topic and i post mine on mine




Please stop everytime i see that man i start to lose my domestication



It makes me feral. Rabid. I dont like the troll face man.


for one of them im thinking his odd name is like a direct translation. He’s like some sort of demon creature.
he also has a sister and her name means ‘gentle’




harvey is all over the place hes still cursed but now its just a very unfortunate bad luck curse with the one perk of a bigger chance of surviving major surgery


i need to sort him out like i cant even decide on a height for him.


Are all ur ocs part of the same universe


If you count splatoon characters as fan characters then yes


why do you ask?


Just like curious if there was a story involved :))
I love 2 hear about other people’s stories and ideas