Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)





Go right ahead

If you want to could they say ‘would you like try my c r u n c h y p i c k l e s’ in polish


i’m. doing this right now, homework can wait,


“mwoyhoyhoy i has returned!!!” - the kayro


this is the worst thing i’ve ever created, thanks


That sure is an anime waifu!

Thanks dude




It’s cute


Marina splatoon: (listens to calamari inkantation) oh heck this slaps!!! (becomes MIA)


hey guys is it ok to feel glad if someone leaves a website.




On what exactly?

Im curious ive had something settling in me for a while


the person, their actions, your actions, etc.


i wish i was in a wlw gamer community and i didnt have to see anime girls again.


theres a hundred replies that include hamilton, a kpop band, marvel stuff, Voltron and some other popular tumblr thing


oh how the turns have tabled


The fact that people can find and see the things I posted makes me want to turn into a worm and lay down on the sidewalk until I burn in the light of the sun



new theory the chipettes are lesbians and the chipmunks are Bisexual and Gay Allies


In the birch lasaga song he says if t series is ‘hungry for some drama?’

Like…dude…pewdeepp…you’re the only one making a deal outta this…