Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



People: sans bruhndertale isnt real he wont hurt you

Sans bruhndertale:


“someone on club penguin keeps telling me I’m not luke skywalker. :’( I’m so sad. this is cyberbu llying at its worst!” - kayro


(will smith voice)
Its reclaim time




Time to do that funny thing where I avoid thinking about my problems :crazy_face:


Experiencing too many emotions at once just leaves me feeling vaguely empty and sad and I don’t care for that at all


Ok whatever I’m over it


Anyone else get that thing where every couple of weeks you get really sad and stressed out for no reason and your brain starts inventing problems and then you have to deal with it and just sort of wait it out for a few days and then you’re completely apathetic for like two days and then you’re allowed to be happy again for a few weeks and then it starts all over again


I still have to design two horse Minecraft girls and also sheep


When u post something on hopscotch after a long time and it doesn’t immediately get like 100 likes



new hopscotchers when they don’t get twelve messages saying how great they are every day


Long time = an hour


I once remade this ‘what are your feelings on’ thing with understale and it only stopped being remixed recently


i made this in 2016… how did they even find this project


That bottom row second column one is a mood


Someone draw the pickle sonic as a human woman.

bowsetteify it.


Pickle sonic anime waifu


The eyes are floating in like the entire top row


Do pickle sonic anime waifu