Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



GucciGamerGrunchGang0w0 XD


gucci gamer grunch gang owo xd




i have a few questions


That’s our family groupchat name


you have a family group chat? woah


i’m in a class group chat and it’s… hm


“hey guys do we have any homework”
“if you eat pineapple on pizza, you’re gay”
“[high school 1] is better than [high school 2]!!!”


Nice…i need to get more favourite characters


what? my entire essay won’t be posted yet because it needs approval. >:’(


Yeah they kinda blend into one and the ones that are furries are leaving






@chickengirl this is important

this. that’s it that was the only important thing. oh and the details.

dum thing from kayzoodle

drawn on to be able to sty?


K I t t y


“real picture will be elsewhere but it’s not important.” - Kayro

he’s so cute isn’t he.


Oh then sorry
I actually think you’re a great artist lol, I don’t dislike you or anything lol
Sorry for the misunderstanding @star_destroyer


Why do anime girls socks squish around their legs like That


Floofy cat!!


“socks are tighter the higher you go. I’d show a ref of my kneehighs on my leg but… I have my reasons” - kayro