Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



!! Ah they’re amazing! I love how u did withers masks :sparkling_heart::two_hearts::heart::heartpulse::revolving_hearts::sparkles:


“I didn’t know you felt that way about this. I’m just trying to maintain a relationship with the only friends I truly have. I mean I have my actual gang but, let’s be honest here, they could care less, StarDestryer and Harper are just part time anyways. But, I guess if my presence confuses you and everyone else here, I could just leave. Never come back. You know, to make you feel happier? I just don’t want you troubled because I’m trying to ‘get around my suspension’. So if you truly feel that StarDestr and Harper are annoying, we can leave,” - Kayro

Part time shmart time. I’m getting a mention in a story even if Kay tries to stop me!

“and they’re not my accounts. They belong to real people who don’t share their personality, DNA and name with me,” -Kazuda Xiono (kayro)


They’re not annoying and neither is Kayro.


“Well I mean as a point that they don’t really code (I mean Harper does but StarDestr doesn’t) They’re really only here to help me (in exchange for being mentioned in SDow Storis and me doing their math homework)/ I’m glad you don’t think I’m annoying. It’s hard to tell if I’m being annoying or not. StarDestr probably is annoyed by these late night emails that I command her to post. Ha, it’s a free country SD, u don’t have to help,” - Kayro via em ail


I just spent twenty minutes looking for a specific post to delete, y’all I was annoying last year I am so so sorry


It must have been so exhausting to be me in the Hamilton fandom a year ago and have to fake cry every time stay alive reprise or whatever came on


ilc or me, at least once a day out of obligation: my name is Phillip… I was a poet…
me, feeling no legitimate emotional reaction to this: omg :sob::sob: this is so sad :pensive::pensive::pensive: … Phil lip… :tired_face::tired_face: baby oh no :sob::cry::cry::pleading_face:


I can still recite 70% of Hamilton from memory and that makes me angry


The Hamilton fandom is bad because there’s only 5 jokes to make and we all had to share them. Everyone was just regurgitating the same song lyrics and skewed fanon and it was so annoying I can’t believe I used to be the kind of person who would just say “my gay sons Thomas Jefferson and James Madison uwu I’m such trash XD” like completely unironically


Girl what I know for a fact u never used a base on anything shut up


The stylus in question broke a week after I got it


Tbh this is comparably better than about 80% of my hs art


I’m in tears




Ok I’m done


Griz sweetie I am so sorry


Shoutout to How when I was eleven I didn’t know what highlights were in relation to hair so whenever someone requested to have colored highlights or w/ever I just put streaks of that color


6300th post
Very epic


That’s not what I mean, I mean on the hs app with all the artists who draw alike


“um, no you didn’t. You directly pointed me out. I’m starting to think you don’t like me,” - Kay