Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



Yeah! The only extroverted underwater mob :3c she likes to explore


She sure does!

She found some pumpkins in a chest and really wants some pumpkin pie


Thank you!


Kayro has the fancy white robe.

(it’s like the most extra outfit. The wind always hits it perfectly? It’s great(and it has unlimited flight so…))




ohh, journey is such a great game


kayro: professional tour guide for the reds.


“I’m currently leading someone through the game, getting all the fun things, but they’re a scared cat”


Why is my spanish teacher making me research possible college majors w h at does that have 2 do with spanish also I do not think about my future at all so this is very bad


image image image image image image image image
Fire emblem heroes has cute accessories and i just want to show people what i’ve done with this batch


They’re cute!


I like the last girl


Either i need to reorganise who has what accessories or i need to summon new favs fast


Thanks i thought it fit because shes possessed.



lol i love those wild ponies
I live across continents
They’re in America
I’m in Asia near Europe lol


dude i dont wanna reveal my location all im saying is that im from britain and thats that.


I know lol, oh ok nowhere near

Lol I feel so embarrassed since I’ve been looking up to you lol ( |_|)


Ah i see.

Well i would prefer to keep our seperate personal matters private.



Sorry again…

I’m legit so embarrassed rn lol
Nice art


Ok but is it bad that i have a hard time distinguishing some of the newer users from each other they just kind of, blend together