Chickengirl's famous gt (but Kayro sometimes lives here too)



I know right they’re soooooo cute together XD they should totally kiss O///O
It’s too bad about rainbowsprinkles67, always trying to ruin their relationship!!!1!! CuteEdgy for eva!!


I legitimately dont know if those are real hopscotchers


they could be real tbh


It’s almost valentines owo I wonder who will go together on hopscotch omg xddd


I love her.


i wanted to make cutekawaiigirl29716 a real account but hopscotch doesn’t work well on my phone


??? where’s the “create an account” option???


It’s I’m a parent.


oh yea i remember seeing that the time i made that alt account no one uses anymore lol.


Sky byte just got confirmed for cyberverse? This is certainly news.


Oh and also jetfire ig


I guess I just have to buy this now


Chest is shark face, definitely worth money.


i don’t want to “try free for a week”, i want a normal account


oh no


@ChickenGirl, I’d like to see your interpretation of the leader of the Wieserbots, Dr. Evilsmith.


Hit skip in the top after a few seconds.


i can’t skip it on my phone


It took a really long time 2 get this picture because buttercup hates hats


Awww, happy birthday Buttercup!: